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Executive & Leadership Coaching

Top athletes have coaches to improve their performance, and so do more and more successful executives and business leaders...

Jonathan Sibley, leadership and executive coach, can help can help you and/or your team members to become more effective in your current positions, or prepare for new positions through:

  • Working together to practice more effective leadership skills
  • Identifying blind spots that keep people, particularly innovators, mavericks, and "difficult" personalities, from being more effective
  • Improving relationships with bosses, co-workers, and subordinates and strengthening teams
  • Dealing with self-doubt, feeling like a failure or impostor despite apparent success
  • Finding the right balance between work and personal life
  • Working through cross-cultural issues often faced by expats
  • Building on strengths and finding strategies to compensate for weaker areas

Jonathan Sibley is based in Montclair, NJ and has degrees from Princeton University, Columbia University, and INSEAD. Jonathan led the organizing committee for the Executive Coaching Summit in 2009 and is a member of the International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations (ICCO)

And best of all, leadership and executive coaching are available both in person and by phone.

Jonathan Sibley works with executives in person in New York City and New Jersey and by phone and Skype around the world. If you are interested in finding out more about how executive and business coaching can help you contact Jonathan Sibley.