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Couples counseling for low desire and sexless relationships

Are you in a sexless marriage? Is your relationship suffering from a lack of sex, or from disappointing sex? Do you and/or your partner feel a lack of desire?

Many couples find sex difficult to talk about and often couples therapy doesn't pay enough attention to the role of sex in intimate relationships. It can help to have a therapist to guide you through conversations about sex that you've been unable to have at home.

There is also information from recent research that you may be unaware of, such as the idea that great sex can start with simply an openness to get started and to see what happens. Often, especially as we get older, sexual desire occurs after our body starts to respond physically. This is the opposite of what most of us have learned, and different from what many couples' remember from when they were younger.

When there has been a lack of sex, it can be difficult to know how much of this is due to emotional distance or conflict and how much is due to specific issues around sex. Together, we can explore this and discover how to improve your sex life and your relationship.