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Performance Review Coaching - Making Performance Reviews Work

Many employees hear the same feedback year after year - If you are going to succeed / be promoted, you need to change X. Depending on the employee, X might be:

  • Become a better listener
  • Learn to delegate
  • Think strategically
  • Be a better team player
  • Manage your temper

However, many employees never change and many managers give up on really expecting significant change after delivering a performance review. Everyone starts to wonder what the point of performance appraisals is and articles appear with titles like "Performance Reviews Don't Work".

Fortunately, Kegan and Lahey's Overcoming Immunity to Change methodology can help an employee to understand why he or she hasn't been able to change and to overcome whatever obstacles have been getting in the way.

If you are frustrated with seeing the same items under "needs to improve" every year, contact me to find out how "Overcoming Immunity to Change" can help to transform your performance review process.