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Executive Coaching

Intercultural & Expat Coaching

Adapting to different cultures can be difficult.

Moving from one culture to another and living and working between cultures, if not handled effectively, can lead to:

  • Lower productivity and effectiveness for expat managers and their teams
  • Decreased satisfaction and retention
  • Individual, marital, and family stress

Jonathan Sibley has lived, worked, and studied in France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and Brazil and speaks fluent French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.

Jonathan can help:

Coaching & Psychotherapy: 

Coaching for New Leaders

The transition from expert to new leader can be difficult.

Seminars and classes are often not enough.

When a knowledge worker or subject-matter expert is promoted to lead a team, the transition can be more difficult than expected. Having a coach as a sounding-board and to assess and help with blind-spots can accelerate the transition into effective leadership.

New leader coaching can help with:

  • Programmers and other technology staff
  • Scientists, particularly new Principal Investigators
  • Academics
Coaching & Psychotherapy: 

Innovator & Maverick Coaching

Helping innovators and mavericks to become more effective at work

Many innovators and mavericks have difficulty fitting in and maximizing their effectiveness at work, and they can be challenging to manage.

Jonathan Sibley can help high-potential, challenging employees to become more effective, increasing their effectiveness and retention.

Coaching & Psychotherapy: 

Leadership Team Coaching

Is there an "elephant in the room" that no one on the team is willing to discuss?

Does your team need help learning how to deal with conflict that everyone knows about but no one will talk about?

Leadership and executive teams often need assistance to break through barriers to open, trusting communication.

Using the work of Chris Argyris and others, Jonathan Sibley helps teams to improve their level of trust, decision-making ability, and overall performance.

Coaching & Psychotherapy: 

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Top athletes have coaches to improve their performance, and so do more and more successful executives and business leaders...

Jonathan Sibley, leadership and executive coach, can help can help you and/or your team members to become more effective in your current positions, or prepare for new positions through:

Coaching & Psychotherapy: 
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