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Articles on Coaching

New Year's Resolutions - It's that time again

What is your track record with New Year’s resolutions? If you are like most people, it has been difficult to make lasting progress with most resolutions.

What if 2013 were different? What if you could take steps to maximize the chances that you will be successful this time? Now is a good time to be thinking about your resolutions for 2013, so let’s start by thinking about why each resolution is important to you.

New years resolutions 2011 - Immunity to change coaching can help

Another year, another set of new years resolutions. Make this the year you succeed at keeping your resolutions, with a coach who knows how to help you overcome your natural immunity to change.

We all have immunity systems that make some changes difficult, but not impossible. Here are the steps I would use when helping you reach your goal with immunity to change coaching:

It makes perfect sense that we act the way we do

Recently, I was thinking about a common element across a lot of the work I do. Whether through coaching or counseling / psychotherapy, my clients and I get to a place where it makes sense that my clients are doing what they are doing, even though they truly want to change. And, importantly, it makes sense in a way that doesn't pathologize anyone. It's the best strategy they have found, so far, to accomplish something important - perhaps being successful, protecting themselves, or avoiding even worse consequences.

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