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New years resolutions 2011 - Immunity to change coaching can help

Another year, another set of new years resolutions. Make this the year you succeed at keeping your resolutions, with a coach who knows how to help you overcome your natural immunity to change.

We all have immunity systems that make some changes difficult, but not impossible. Here are the steps I would use when helping you reach your goal with immunity to change coaching:

  • Clarify your goal
  • Identify the things you do that get in the way of your goal
  • Identify the concerns, worries, and/or fears about what would happen if you didn't do the things that are getting in the way of your goal
  • Notice the competing commitments that have been getting in the way
  • Explore the assumptions that have been keeping keeping you stuck
  • Create experiments that will help you to decide which assumptions to revise
  • Build new habits through dedicated practice

Typically, you can make significant progress in 10 - 12 coaching sessions. If you would like to find out more about how overcoming immunity to change coaching could help you this year, email or call me for a free consultation.