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Some initial thoughts on choosing between coaching and psychotherapy

Sometimes, it may not be clear to which whether coaching or psychotherapy would be more helpful. Here are two diagrams explaining how I currently see the relationships between wellness, coaching, and psychotherapy.



Wellness Continuum




Relationship Between Psychotherapy and Coaching


As humans, we are we are sometimes overwhelmed and deeply hurt, at which point just getting to the point of "managing" may seem hard enough. At these points, therapy can be quite helpful, helping us to heal what hurts and to feel understood and less alone. There is room for further growth and development beyond managing, and beyond where most of us are in our current lives. Coaching can take us from wherever we are on the continuum towards peak performance and thriving (or what some have called flourishing). Coaching can also help us to get over specific behavioral hurdles, by looking at what is getting in the way and holding us accountable for progress.