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When we say "If I were you...."

Have you ever thought about what we mean when we way "If I were you, I'd..."?

If I were truly you, wouldn't I do just what you did?

What if we changed the words around and said "If you were me, you'd..."? If you were me, of course you'd do what I would do. The "problem" is, that you aren't me. In fact, if we can remember that, since we are different people, we are quite likely to have different preferences, beliefs, and assumptions, it is less likely to come as a surprise when someone acts differently than we would.

So, the next time you become aggravated because someone isn't acting the way you would in that situation, what if you were to try thinking something like "If they were me, they would do what I would do. Oh wait, they aren't me. I wonder what different preferences, beliefs, and assumptions lead them to act the way they did?"

If you feel like it, try it out and let us know how it works