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Immunity to change in organizations

It makes perfect sense that we act the way we do

Recently, I was thinking about a common element across a lot of the work I do. Whether through coaching or counseling / psychotherapy, my clients and I get to a place where it makes sense that my clients are doing what they are doing, even though they truly want to change. And, importantly, it makes sense in a way that doesn't pathologize anyone. It's the best strategy they have found, so far, to accomplish something important - perhaps being successful, protecting themselves, or avoiding even worse consequences.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Top athletes have coaches to improve their performance, and so do more and more successful executives and business leaders...

Jonathan Sibley, leadership and executive coach, can help can help you and/or your team members to become more effective in your current positions, or prepare for new positions through:

Coaching & Psychotherapy: 
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